Foyers are in-depth moments, where we focus on high-profile trends that dominate our market today. 
Come and listen to our views on these complex ideas, all in a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.

Past Foyers

Analytics Foyer 2018

11 December 2018 - AE Foyer - The past, present & future of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

"Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are creating a lot of buzz. So where is the buzz coming from and more importantly, why? We will provide an answer to these questions by sharing specific customer stories with you, tackling business challenges in the battle for talents, realizing operational excellence, getting true customer insights and developing innovative products and services."

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AE Foyer Innovation

25 October 2018 - AE Foyer - Innovation: "Putting ideas into actions"

Everyone is convinced that innovation is the key to the future. We’ve learned from you that it’s not that easy to go from “inspiration to implementation to value creation”. Do you have the skills, people and knowledge to make innovation happen?

February 2018 - AE Foyer - The future of Enterprise Architecture

"How does Enterprise Architecture contribute to the value creation of your enterprise? We share some important mind-shifts that need to happen if you want to stay relevant in a VUCA world and we explain the essential link to achieve Enterprise Agility"



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