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AE Financial Services Newsletter June - Happy Holidays!

On Friday 14th of June, AE celebrated its 20th anniversary amongst colleagues, friends, clients and prospects. Anniversaries are generally a trigger to look back and look forward. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen a lot of change. The speed and intensity of change in Financial Services is huge. And nothing announces for the pace to slow down … on the contrary.

In this newsletter we look back at the AE Hackathon, See(d) the future, where a team of KBC & AE experts won the Jury Award for Best Business Concept with HumAEn, a platform for (young) dementia patients.

We’ve also bundled our vision, approach and experience in helping our clients to personalize their client interactions and provide every customer a relevant experience in a free downloadable white paper.

Looking forward, every company nowadays looks at data, the new gold. The ever growing volume of data and the need for better and faster insights, pushes us all to look at a new kind of data infrastructure. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the time, budget or people to go fast enough. Read how kuori, a menu of managed building blocks, helps to overcome these constraints.

And finally, our colleague Vincent Guelinckx contributed to the RegTech Blackbook explaining his vision on the importance of technology to meet new regulatory requirements and turn these into an opportunity rather than a threat.

Happy reading and enjoy the holiday season!
The AE Financial Services team

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Hackathon 2019: Team KBC Humaen

Hackathon 2019: Team KBC Humaen has a heart for young-onset dementia

Year after year, KBC proves itself to be one of the leaders in the field of digital innovation in the bank and insurance sector. They want to create added value by bringing groundbreaking solutions to the table in fields where bank-insurers can really make a difference.

KBC is all too aware that more and more people under 65 are faced with dementia, and accordingly decided to seize our AE Hackathon to find a solution that would both enable (young) demented patients to live at home for a longer period of time and relieve their caregivers.

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White paper Personalisation

White paper: How to deliver a relevant, personalised experience to your clients

Times are changing. “Close enough” is no longer good enough. The evolution in client expectations and behavior, the increased need for innovation and engagement are accelerated mainly by forces outside of the sector and are irreversible. Nowadays, consumers all got used to and expect a relevant, personalised experience.

That’s why we've bundled our vision, approach and experience in helping our clients to personalise their client interactions in a downloadable white paper. Get your free copy now!

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Questions to consider when implementing the data infrastructure of the future

The data infrastructure of the future

The challenges in the financial sector are substantial: new tech-driven challengers, changes in regulation and a new digital native customer who expects Financial Services to be so as well. It’s time to evolve into a digital, data-driven organisation.

Many companies today realize that a new kind of data infrastructure is required in order to seize the potential of data. Unfortunately, most of them don’t have the time, budget or people to go fast enough. kuori, a menu of managed building blocks, helps to overcome these constraints.

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Why RegTech is the new black

Why RegTech is the new black

Today, consumers in the Financial Services assume and demand a frictionless user-experience. Regulation ensures that this experience happens in a secure and private way. But without the use of technology, we would never be able to meet those requirements. That’s when RegTech comes into play.

AE director Financial Services Vincent Guelinckx wrote an article in the #RegTech Blackbook about why RegTech is so important and which role new technologies play in this spectrum. In our blogpost we highlight some important storylines.

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