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Accelerate your application performance,
by real-time testing in an automated way


ACCELLR offers you insights within 24 hours into how your application behaves under high load. All this with a complete unburdening of infrastructure and endless possibilities to scale.


ACCELLR is a solution, developed by our Quality@Speed team, that can be easily integrated in your current environment. Our aim is to help you gain performance insights as soon as possible, and this with complete unburdening of infrastructure and endless scaling possibilities.


  • Application/website performance insights within
    24 hours
  • Requires no infrastructure set-up and maintenance on your side
  • Focus on test scenarios & insights
  • Service degradation alerts
  • Supports small to extremely large performance tests by auto-scaling in the cloud
  • No expensive product licenses
  • Can run both on the cloud as well as on premise
  • View application performance to spot trends



40% loss of visitors

40% of the users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


Less engagement

39% of the users will stop engaging if images are not loading or take too long to load.


Losing customers

88% of the users are less likely to revisit a website if they had a bad user experience.


Scare customers away

79% of users will search and switch to alternatives, if your website is not up to their standards.


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Digital Presence

Did you know conversion rate drops with 60% when load time doubles? Digital presence, it's now a need-to-have. It allows you to engage customers, generate revenue, employ people and thus keeping your business alive.

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Customer Journey

Not only the initial entry point counts. The complete customer journey should be up to par and thus performance tested, since a 1 second delay increases customer dissatisfaction by about 16%.
The quality of the code is thus only one element. The number of concurrent users also drives your application or website performance.

customerexpectation (1)


Customer Expectations

Customers grow more demanding'. 
79% of the users will search and switch to an alternative,
if your website or application is 
not up to their standards.



costoptimization (1)


Cost Optimization of Your Infrastructure

You want to make sure that you can serve
your customers at all times, but over-sizing your application comes with a high cost.
Being confident in the possibility to dynamically scale your application allows you to
have a service that is performing well when it needs to, without the cost of an always
over-sized infrastructure.

Timetomarket (1)


Time to Market

Whether it is a new releases, incident management or a new service being developed, you want to put it in the marked as soon as possible. However, nearly 70% of users admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy. You need to find a balance between speed and quality.



'' Thanks to ACCELLR, we are awaere of our performance issues! We are able to execute our test scripts on demand without any restrictions of load capacity. We can monitor & compare our results immediately, which results to faster detection of non performant code. ''


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Gil Vanderhoven
QA Performance Analist - Awaere

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